Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Pics This Weeks

Forest of Lights

I forgot to tell you that recently I've gone to I-City few days ago. It has beautiful light-themed park, I mean park of LED trees, animals and stuffs. FYI, it maybe another park that only opens and looks beautiful at night (after amusement park).
I-city is located in Shah ALam, Selangor. It takes half hour or less (depends on traffic jam) from Kuala Lumpur to go there by car. It charges 2 RM/person (about 0.65 USD) to enter the park and another 2 RM for some special parks there. If you go by car, then it'll be 10 RM per car. For me, 2 RM is worth it, but another 2 RM for special parks (that has slight difference from usual one) is a little bit too much. I-city itself is a shopping complex with outdoor cinema (beside the light park). It should have an indoor snow park in future, as written in its advertisement (when I went there, it's not opened yet hm.... I don't know for sure).

Btw, It's not my attention to promote it (although I did promote it), It's just beautiful place to see for once or twice (in third visit you'll lose the excitement of seeing this light forest, except if you date with your girlfriend/boyfriend here, it would be nice :P).

Well, enjoy the pics that captured by my phone, samsung wave s350 (oh noo, another promotion, my bad :P it's not really as nice as digital camera though)

A light orange trees

The forest of light, linearly

the trees are pine trees, right?

me and Amir (thanks for the ride ^_^)

me and white Christmas light tree

other pine trees, it would be nice if they make sakura/peach blossom trees right?
That's it, you can see my album in Facebook if you wanna see more or simply google it.

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