Friday, January 21, 2011

Human and Nature

Realize it or not, since our beginning, we/human is all about struggle with nature.

Our ancestors, had already begun the struggle, they challenged every mother nature threats and barriers and in some case, obliterated them completely. We, human are responsible for extinction of saber-toothed tiger, mammoths and many more creatures. We redefine earth by building cities, dams, canals even artificial lands. It is as if we already won the war, Is that really true?

Since our beginning too, we have been victims of mother nature's furies. Drought, tsunami, earthquake and volcanic eruption have killed and erased many civilizations. Diseases and plagues reduced our populations, and emptied kingdoms and countries of its citizen. We fought and struggled, new medicine founds and methods were invented to protect us from disasters. Yet, we still find ourselves powerless in might of mother nature. Once new medicine are found, new disease appeared and every methods we invented will never protect us completely. To make it worse, mother nature uses our wrongdoings to bring our doom (i.e. global warming). It is as if, however strong our effort is, we still submit to nature will.

In  other hand, since the beginning of human being, we have fought with our own nature. A self-interested, egoistic, and power-seeking nature of us have brought so many destruction to ourselves and our world. We have fought countless war and slaved our brethren and sisters. As if it isn't enough, we have created the most destructive weapon, nuclear bomb, to bring utter and complete destruction of our world. No matter how many treaties, charters, and conventions we signs, states keep fight each other. No matter how strong we hold norms, values, and religious beliefs, we keep get in conflict and murder each other.

Sometimes, I feel there is no hope to reach a peaceful ending in our struggle with the two natures we face. We may exploit mother nature and used it for our interest even if it brings our doom. We may kill each other and eventually end human history. Will we compromise with Earth? will we put aside our own egoistic interests for humanity and common good?

I know that having such a idyllic hope may disappoint me but having no hope at all will let me in despair. Hope is the most dangerous thing to lose, and I still hope we, human will reach the peaceful ending in these struggles.

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