Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New You?

Haa... it's already 2011 and I just made 3 posts in this blog. To all readers, please forgive me for my laziness. Really, having a college life is a very busy one, right? (eh, no?). After all, those assignments, tasks, projects, and a bit (or large chunks?) of facebook truly made time flew so fast

 A view from my room window, not related to this topic eh? then I put this pic to help us reflect our life in 2010

So? what's your resolutions this year? It wouldn't be the same as 2010, right? for me, I still have some left overs from last year. What is it, you ask? that's kicking my bad habits out.
  1.  Sleep late at night, and can't wake up early, oh yes, I got this habit back, after all morning wake-up training from my mum from elementary to senior high school. Being free from your mother scolding has side effects too. 
  2. Pray at my wish (when I should pray 5 times a day, according to Muslim belief). To devote 10 minutes of your time to pray 5 times a day shouldn't be so difficult. The problem is one of them is done at dawn, when I can't wake up early enough to catch it, and ...... many other reasons that I would be ashamed to tell.   
And now for this year, I'd like to add some
  • Learn foreign language, seriously. Any major foreign language is acceptable (but I still prefer Japanese though)
  • Having an internship whether in NGOs or other institutions. This year 4 months holiday (you read it? 4 MONTHS) shouldn't be a waste.
What? that's very FEW resolutions. Yes, it is, we'd better speak few and do a lot right? Writing a list of 100 resolutions will also make you bored just by reading this and make this not so popular blog will be not even known of its existence.
How about you? have you made your resolution, have you planned a new "you" for this year? tell me :)

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