Sunday, March 2, 2014

Autumn Days in NZ



That was a bright and cool day in autumn

When the sky was clear and the air is dry

Cracked my skin but not my heart

Tramping on hills, gazing on southern seas

Facing against the wind as it brought dust

Onto my face, into my heart and memories


That was a wet and windy day in autumn

When the air was cold and the rain fell heavily

Walking on wet paths, struggling against the wind

As I endured to watch your covered beauty

Deep behind the shroud of mist

Never did I regret though I only saw a little


That was a cloudy day in the end of autumn

When drizzle fell often upon a city

Surrounded by lake, hills and flatland

There I climbed on your hill, looking at your beauty

And down on me, humbled and excited


That was a shiny day in early winter

As I wandered upon you

As if that was the last day

Sad that I should leave as I yearn for more



Note: It’s my first English poem. Yes, I know it’s awful, please bear with it.