Thursday, April 7, 2011

Embarrassing Moment

I recalled when I took English course for international student in my university, I was ordered to write narrative essay on embarrassing moment.
That time, I tried to remember any of my embarrassing moment I’ve experienced so far. A half hour and no vivid memories came into my mind, unfortunately (or fortunately) I have made myself to forget any of those miserable moments from my life. Really, there’s no use in keeping those memories, there’s no fun in being laughed by others except you’re comedian. Frustrated, I made up one embarrassing story out of my childhood memories with a bit spices here and there (no wonder she gave me B or C+ for that essay)
But to be honest, some embarrassing moments do linger in my mind. Let say, to remind me of how careless and clumsy I am (you should also read my earlier post, titled Look into More Detail). One of those was happened when my mother told me to buy things (mainly her personal care stuff) as she would go for official duty in few days.
Mind you, my mother is a very picky person. Her toiletries are  a list of specially selected personal care products (that shouldn’t be expensive but should pass her strict criterions). So, go shopping for her stuffs seems like go for a quest in RPG when we should acquire the right items to finish the mission. Then there I went, to forest of shops and supermarket forts to seek the wanted items. Pity me, the level of quest was so high that I only found the last item a man would buy in supermarket, the female pad (i.e. Kotex, Maxi-pad and their kind).
something like that
Determined that I should have brought something since I’ve already gone this far. I went straight to a female cashier only to pay that female pad. She smiled and laughed a bit. Damn, I should have never done this, my pride as a man was hurt deeply. I tried to justify my action by saying it was my mother order, but she kept smiling, tried hard not to laugh. That was really embarrassing, thanks god, there was no queue waiting behind me.
ps. Actually, my mother asked for another female stuff, a panty liner, so my quest was a total failure. My father then went to buy her item and FYI he’s a pro in this kind of quest, I guessed he would check every shops on the street to accomplish the mission, good luck, Pak.
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