Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saying Happy Birthday in different perspectives

My friend just had her birthday last few days, then I'd like to post her my mediocre happy birthday post (happy Birthday, wish U all the best :)) in Facebook. Her wall was full of "happy birthday" posts, but one got my attention

             “Happy Birthday, A. You have just spent one year of your lifespan again."

 Although, this kind of post seems rude and pessimistic, it reminds us how short our life is. But for me, it is kind a weird one, We congratulate her for just able to reach one year more and hope for better life for this year while the other had passed away, this post remind us that we are drawing near to the end of our life, one step closer to our ancestors. For me, an optimistic one will be like this

           "Happy birthday, A. Wish you a full year of happiness and success. God bless you."

Then if we follow the former one, I would like to add his post like this

           "Happy Birthday A, now you're closing to your own death, how far have you gone? How much have you achieved? Think it well; you may end up in your coffin next year."

Okay, I maybe a bit exaggerate it. Whether it is pessimistic or optimistic way to say happy birthday, both are right. We can't be thankful for years that we don't even know we're still alive to live it or not. In the other hand, every year we have passed showed how God is merciful while we pray for better life this year. But we should be wary of our short and precious life, time flies quickly, every second counts, and we won't notice that we're already at the end of this journey. Then, we’ll be sorry for days that won’t come back (Heaven forbid).
Hmm, perhaps next time I’ll post this.

           “Happy Birthday, A. Now, a year has been passed in our lifetime, I believe you have used it well. Then for this year, I hope you a full year of happiness, luck and success. :)"

How that sounds?

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