Monday, January 10, 2011

How to be not scared so much when watching scary movies

Have you ever watched scary movies but didn't know how the story goes because in most of the movies you closed your eyes closely?
or... scream to your heart desire and surprised people who sat next to you (lucky, they didn't get heart attack or had their eardrum exploded)
Worry no more, I'll tell you how to tackle this issue. My friends always ask me why I never startled or surprised and so calm when watching movies in cinema, and let me tell you my little secrets.
  • Know what genre (to be exact, from where) of horror movies you watch, every region has its own taste of horror and they are reflected from their own horror movies. An American or western horror movie has grotesque and extrovert monster/ghost or any apparition, the movies usually focus on gory scene and how the protagonists are chased by the monster (watch any zombie movies, House of Wax, Halloween etc.). Japanese movies has introvert and mostly beautiful yet scary ghost (if not monster), they are so shy and wander around the protagonist like ninja, you can see only them in seconds. Japanese movies usually has complicated and unique plot, so you may miss or not understand the story. Now, the last genre the south-east Asia horror movies (Thailand), the monster/ghost are neither extrovert nor introvert, they wander around the place and surprise the protagonists (include you) so often.
  • Expect most (if not all) characters to die. The question is where, when and how. The monster may eat, slash, hack, gore or any possible way to kill the characters (especially in final destination, the monster is the grim reaper of course). Be pessimistic, expect none survives (or two, if you want a happy ending). Don't be scared by gory scene, trust me, the real version is much more scary that you can't forget for a week (if you insist, then you may see the gory pics in any shock websites and compare it).
  • Know what fear the movie use to scare you, is it fear of powerless against so many monsters (like in zombie movies), fear of blood and gory animation (like SAW), fear of very ugly and scary yet strong and invincible monster (alien), or fear of unknowing threats.
  • Be prepare for some special scenes that surprise you. We can know them by special sound effect, a zoom in to special places, or when you suddenly see the protagonists from the monster point of view and watch how they are helpless and ready to be the monster's meal.
  • At last, they are not real. You can still look at the mirror and the reflection is still mimicking you after watching "The Mirror" and zombies in real life will be decayed and soon return to soil as natural fertilizer in months. Still scared? read funny stories and comics, don't ever think about the psycho that hack and cut the unlucky character's head off in hockey mask, forget him and let him sleep well in that lake for eternity.
I hope these tips will help you watch the whole scary movie silently without closing your eyes. What's fun watching the movie this way, you ask? you can watch them full and see how the director struggle to scare you (even after doing this tips, you may freak out if the director is really that good), at least from now on, you can watch them in different perspective, and not be ashamed in that way. :)

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