Monday, March 7, 2011

Long Time No Write, Too Lazy to Post

Hi readers,

Long time no new post, right? even I did not post anything on February, my bad. Lazy mood was on rampage. Furthermore, I had some presentations to prepare for my tutorial.
Lately, I had two presentations in a row a day. To make it worse, I had them with the same tutor. She took pity on me and said

"Wahyu, if only you plan this well, you won't get this kind of problem. So, for all of you, you should plan your presentation turn well, this is one way to apply strategy theory that you have learn this far (this semester, we learn "The Development of Modern Strategy ")."

The class was in an awkward silence as the students reflected on their own presentation plan and took a pity on me as failure example.

However, their plan may end up as mine. To think about this planning further, I take seven courses in this semester that last for 16 weeks. As two first weeks were add and drop weeks and one week off for mid-term holiday, this semester actually has active 13 weeks. So how we plan seven presentations (let we assume all students are taking seven courses) in only 13 weeks?.

The chances are
  • Seven weeks of presentation in a row and six free weeks
  • One presentation per two weeks plus another presentation week
  • Some presentation in some weeks and free weeks in between and after
To tell you, the odd of having the first and second options is actually very small. Due to some circumstances (sick tutor or lecturer, delayed tutorial, etc) they will end up having the third options. I even heard some students have three presentations in a week (and I'm waiting for someone to break the record with four or more presentations in a week). So, why bother to plan? just face them with all your might (and be prepared for sleepless night).

FYI, for next week, I still have to present two topics in a row on Thursday.

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  1. semangat nulis blog nya. biar tambah semangat lagi ngerjain tugasnya. hehehe