Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour 2011; Let there be darkness


26 March 2011, 08.30 pm.

(Switching off the light)

“Let there be darkness”


pic above was taken while earth hour was happening. That building is my residential college. Okay, some rooms were naughty to not switch off the light, not to mention ground floor that kept the light on. At least, we put effort on it. T_T

That was kind of scary though, mind you, my college is the oldest in my university and they switch off all the light in corridor to my room. That reminded me some scene in horror movies when monster, ghost, psycho and other scary stuff were waiting in the darkness at the end of the corridor.

Put that thought aside, this year earth hour was not so cool. There’s no environmental event like two years ago (in my campus), when we shared free apples to visitors, lighted candles and put them to form big 360 or 60 like this (UM Earth Hour 2009)


Instead, I just surfed internet with laptop in darkness.

To me, earth hour should be a reminder for us to pay more attention to our beloved earth. Sorry if that sounds so full of environmental jargon (I’m actually taking "Sustainable Development” recently in my assignment), but we should take more actions. One way is “to reduce”. FYI, our high consumption on energy and resources is dangerous to our environment (overfishing, extensive farming etc.). Use anything in moderation, believe me, using anything excessively will only bring harm. Eat excessively brings obesity, spend money recklessly brings financial problem and so on. Our world is more than enough for everyone in this world but won’t be enough for one greedy person.

So, reduce NOW to have more in FUTURE Smile

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