Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mudik and Ied Day, Curses and Praises

Hi there, it have been long time not writing any post here. Sorry for that. I promise I'll write more hufh... I have been so busy (or lazy?) this year...and... Happy Ied Mubarak for everyone ^_^.

Speaking of Ied this year, Indonesians usually will go home to celebrate it. "Go home" here really means go to your homeland, to the place where you grew (i.e. your parents' house or grandparents' house). This time I became part of them, part of mass exodus that created terrible congestion in any main streets and double (if not triple) transportation and accommodation tariff (in addition, it makes big cities more into ghost cities as most their citizens go on vacation or back to their rural habitat. However, they (include me) keep do it at least annually, there must be something in Ied that let them do this. For me, it is spirit of togetherness, Ied day is one of the moments where you really want to be with your family and relatives( others should be your wedding day,  convocation, and etc right?).

                              My grandparents' graves
I filled this mudik with curses (for congestion and that damn expensive bus and train fares ) and praises (for chance to meet with my relatives). And I thanked God for giving me this long life as when I paid a visit to my grandparents' and uncle's graves (and prayed for them). I recalled when I met them last Ied some years a go. Every Ied we meet new friends and relatives and lost some. Will this be my last Ied? Could I meet them again next year? (after separated by time and space, will we meet for next Ied even if for one day? Wallahualam....

                              Me in Keraton Yogya complex
One thing that should be thanked to is Ied holiday, haha... this two weeks has been really fun (I really enjoyed visiting Borobudur and Prambanan temples also many more sites). Sadly, It will end this Sunday. Soon I'll be busy again (and maybe let this blog empty again for some weeks  again, sorry. I'll try to write more frequently hehehe..). Tasks and assignments are waiting to be finished, and deadlines are drawing closer and closer...

Oh God, Holiday is (nearly) over

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