Friday, September 23, 2011

After a Long Hiatus

Hi all, it has been a while since my last post. You should have thought that I have deserted this blog. Be assured that I have not and I will continue rambling in this blog. Please wait (again) for a while when I clean my blog from spider webs and piles of dust here and there (as if it is really there)
Okay, where should I start? I have been busy these months with organizations and campus activities (and other things that I’ve already forgotten or ashamed to tell). Let me tell you what happened in those months that made me had no mood in posting anything here.
May, emmmm It was exam month so I needed to focus most of my time to study in preparation for seven subjects tests. Thanks god, I did it successfully although the courses departments tended to pair the exams with each other resulting on some days with two exams a day. Last half month was spent to register for short semester, seek cheap foreign language course and try to join any NGOs.
I spent these two months by taking short semester (while other had nearly 4 months-long holiday), French course and joining a NGO. FYI, at first my course department obliged me and my friends to register for short semester as the course offered in that semester won’t be offered again in next year. Later, it was revealed that the course would be offered next year and we were trapped in that course with third-year student (that also “trapped” there as they failed that course last year, so they had to take it in short semester in order to graduate). Despite all these trap stuffs, I still felt my choice of taking short semester was a right one as it let me to take French course (one of my “new year resolution”) and join a great NGO.
In August, I’ve been back to Indonesia already and had a full Ramadhan there. I have longed for a long time to spend Ramadhan in my home since taking courses in KL (as in that month I felt home sick the most). Weirdly, after I was there, I experienced nothing special compared in KL (except extra daily chores and weight gain). It was unfortunate that after spending many Ied days in KL, I started to lost track of my old Indonesian friends there. So after visiting close relatives and others, I spent the rest of Ied days home, washing dishes and emptying cracker and cookie jars (that would last for weeks after Ied without my help…. hey that explained the weight gain).
That’s all I think…. For this September, I have started to date with the horrible thesis (I’m final year student already), until now our relations is still so good, although a bit bumpy here and there. Wish me luck T_T.

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